How do websites that offer free services make their profits? 29Nov
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How do websites that offer free services make their profits?


Some websites are not designed solely to identify organizations or offer services and products
Or even social media - such as forums or social media sites - but some sites are also designed to achieve financial gains. But how is that????

Digital ads are now in control because the customer is using online platforms more broadly and longer.
The time spent using a pc or mobile computer is more than it is in front of the TV screen.
What is unique about digital advertising for a regular ad is that it appears to the user when needed, such as the feature of the ad appears by searching Google Adwords, or appears when the customer uses the platform on which ads such as Facebook or any website are located, so the advertiser greatly ensures that the ad reaches the target customer
In memory of the target customer, electronic ads target potential customers accurately other than street tablet ads or TV commercials.
Digital ads have largely replaced street tablet or TV ads, causing many investors to invest their money in websites that provide free services to the customer but rely in return on raising money from advertising.

There's a famous marketing saying, "If the item offered to you is free, know that you're the item."

This statement applies perfectly to websites that provide free services such as News sites ,Social media sites,Forums ,These commodity sites are the user or customer.




So how's it going and how does the site make money?

This brings us back to the previous point, because the customer or user is the commodity and is the real capital of the website prompted these investors in the websites to take care of customers and attract them and convince them to use the website not only this but spend the longest possible time on it, and to achieve this the site administrators provide services free of charge in exchange for allowing the presence of ads on the website. Thus, profits are made for every click of the ad or for every ad appearance for users and these advertising services and tools provided by both Google: Through Google Adsense services & Google Adwords ,Facebook: Through Facebook audience network services


These platforms offer a tool for advertisers and customers to use for a portion of the financial return from advertising i.e. they share a portion of the profits with investors on the website in exchange for providing the advertising tool which provides the possibility of targeting the customer with ease as mentioned above by age, type, place, even interests and
This makes electronic advertising more effective for the advertiser and the website that provides advertising space and certainly the advertising medium ( Google Adsense & Google Adwords - Facebook audience network )

Therefore, if you want to invest in a project that ensures its continuity significantly in the future and also ensures that it does not comply with a specific place or time and most importantly ensures a gain and a large return from it, invest in the field of technology and the field of websites through the design of a website that provides free services that attract users (such as news sites) and then make your profits from advertisements or any other paid services added to the site such as annual and monthly subscriptions or account update to provide services More for the user.
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