The easiest and fastest pharmacies program 16Nov
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The easiest and fastest pharmacies program

  • There are many pharmacists who resort to searching for pharmacy management programs, which in turn help them in managing pharmacies in terms of managing the quantities of medicines and knowing the shortcomings of all the items needed by the pharmacy, and the Pharmacare program is one of the most famous of these programs, as it is one of the best accounting programs for pharmacies that provide comprehensive management that combines many advantages, including:


  • The program works on all different Windows operating systems, and it can also support dealing with touch screens, which makes it easy to deal with it, and the presence of all the powers that are related to points of sale, the user can determine all prices and discounts for all items on it, Pharmacare program can manage pharmacies by determining the minimum and maximum selling prices for different products.


  • Through the Pharmacare Pharmacies program can ensure the organization and management of all offers that can be provided by the pharmacy, in addition to that it supports the "VAT" system, you can define the items more by placing an illustrative image of each product.


  • Through the pharmacy management program, you can manage the financial affairs related to employees such as salaries and discounts in an organized and calculated manner to avoid errors and failures, Pharmacare provides a complete security pharmacy program for the pharmacy database.


  • You can enjoy comprehensive management of your pharmacy through the Pharmacare Pharmacies program, as it provides technical support service for the program at any time, which ensures that you do not disrupt your work in the pharmacy, the pharmacy management program Pharmacare helps you to link all points of sale in the branches that the pharmacy follows, the program can also be linked to the pharmacy's attendance and departure device to save attendance and departure data for employees.


Advantages of the Pharmacare Pharmacies Program :

Pharmacir Pharmacy Management is a program that includes many features that make it the first choice for you and is the favorite of all our customers from pharmacy owners, and the most important of these features are the following:


  • The pharmacy software used should be characterized by the simplicity of the design that gives you a smooth work and ease in handling all screens with speed in responding to the commands given to it.


  • One of the most important features of Pharmacir Pharmacy Management is that it contains the largest database of the comprehensive directory of all Egyptian and Saudi medicines, through the pharmacy program, you can deal with it through touch screens to facilitate the sales process with the use of more than one point of sale.


  • Pharmacir helps you to manage your business in the pharmacy very accurately, as it provides all the reports that alert you to everything that happens in the pharmacy and the validity of the sale and purchase operations with the possibility of issuing invoices and printing them on thermal printers.


  • You can determine the powers of each employee in the pharmacy and the powers of the manager can be separated from the rest of the employees that follow each employee, one of the most important things that must be searched for in pharmacy management programs is the possibility of providing a backup copy of the data automatically and periodically for reference at any time.


  • Pharmacare helps you to work with different payment systems for customers, including checks / cash / credit cards / installments in the case of quantities, and discounts can be added to bills.