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What is the best pharmacy management program?

What is the best pharmacy management program? Many pharmacists wonder what is the best pharmacy management program? Actually, that's the wrong question.


I mean there is no better pharmacy management program. Were you shocked....
Hold on.... You're still in the right place to tell you what's the best pharmacy management program. But to change the wording of the question to the correct formula what is the appropriateness of a pharmacy program for pharmacy and not what is the best pharmacy program, if what is the difference, it may be the best pharmacy program in the opinion of someone is not the best pharmacy program for you because it simply does not suit your needs of the program, if what is the most suitable program for pharmacy management?? The most appropriate pharmacy program is what suits your basic needs of the program or in an easier way for which you decided to buy the program Here are guidelines for selecting the pharmacy program that's best for you.

First: - The most important point to choose the most suitable pharmacy program is the availability of a trial version of the program

Through the availability of a trial version of the pharmacy management program you can try the program yourself and know On its capabilities and problems and this is the right for you to try any software program before buying it to make sure it suits you. So if there is no trial of the pharmacy management program you want to buy, it is best to drop out of your accounts in order to avoid any risks you may have.

Second: - Determining your needs from the pharmacy program and these points are the most important needs paid by the pharmacy program (these points are essential and can not be dispensed with if they are not present in the pharmacy program if it is not a program but only excel tables or access).

-Of course you won't be able to determine the availability of these points that pay for your needs for the program if this program does not have a trial version and here are the most important points that should be available in the pharmacy program
- He records and manages sales and purchases of pharmacy, medicines, customer accounts and suppliers.
- It regulates the quantities of the stock at the time (you do not need to add or reduce the quantities of medicines manually after buying and selling).
- Have a high security rate for your data, ensure that it is easily retrieved, and determine users' powers to protect your accounts and the privacy of your pharmacy's data.
- To print invoices and support the barcode reader.
- To allow the return of invoices to protect you from any manipulation of the quantities of medicines and your money.
- To support expiration dates, if the program does not have this feature, then it is not a specialized program for the management of pharmacies specifically.
-Of course, it has ready and complete drug databases because it doesn't make sense to manually introduce so many drugs.
To regulate the shortcomings of the drugs and alert you to them.
- ان ينظم نواقص الأدوية و ينبهك بها .
- You can see your income, profits and expenses.




Third: - Are the capabilities of the pharmacy program close to the needs and size of your pharmacy

You should ask yourself this question is the possibilities of this program suitable for the size of my business in the sense, sometimes the pharmacist buys a program to manage pharmacies at a low or free price, but after buying it discovers that the program is very small than its needs or that it does not have the possibilities that trade the size of his work example: - that the pharmacy program does not have the property of supporting the international and local barcode and you need this property in your pharmacy, So as a rule you can buy a pharmacy program with higher potential than your needs because it will benefit you and does not harm you, but never buy a pharmacy program with less potential than your needs.

Fourth: - Services provided after sale

It is essential that the software has technical support with the software because it is natural that you need technical support to explain for the maintenance of the program and the least you need for the continuous updates of the program, but it is assumed that most companies producing pharmacy programs provide technical support for the program but technical support varies from company to another example
There are some companies that provide very slow technical support meaning that it provides you with technical support after receiving the complaint days and sometimes weeks and of course this is a disruption to your work
There are some companies that exploit you financially when providing technical support, each time they provide you with technical support you withdraw a large amount of money even if this support is due to an error in the program and at this point in order to protect yourself it would be better to choose companies that provide technical support with contracts with clear terms and specific amounts.
There are some companies, especially individuals that do not provide technical support in the first place for the program and this is extremely dangerous because it is possible to have any problem with the program and close your data and accounts and you will not be able to recover them.

Fifth: - The institution behind the program

This point we pointed out in the previous point the institution behind the program is a very important factor in your reassurance about the security of your pharmacy accounts and data, so make sure that the organization behind the program is a company and not just an individual who manufactured the program because he will not have to provide technical support for the program because he does not have to maintain the reputation of his product or its continuity because it is mostly manufactured individually for each client individually and therefore will face a big problem at this point.

These are the most important points from which you can determine the suitability of your pharmacy management program.

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