How do you choose the best sales program for your store or store? 01Dec

How do you choose the best sales program for your store or store?

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There are now a lot of programs, but what are the foundations on which to choose the best sales program that helps you do all the operations you need in your store or store?

First: Allowing the use of barcodes that will help you enter all items in an easy and simple way and therefore the process of buying and selling will not take you much time

Second: How much data do you want to store depending on the database used that provides you with endless storage of items, invoices, suppliers, customers and employees

Third: Knowing the minimum item and this property helps you know which items are about to end and which you want to buy without going back to your store and inventorying it

Fourth: There are all reports that allow you to know what is going on in your store and store. And also print those reports.

Fifth: The availability of technical support in the company and easy access to itbecause all programs are malfunctioning whether from the program or from the user and in this case need immediate intervention from the company to quickly restore things to normal

Sixth: Your personal satisfaction and acceptance of the program and the ease of use and access to what you want in a short time

Seventh: Quick sales and purchases, which are through automatic sales and purchase screens that save you time and through which you can use the cash or future payment system


Eighth: The level of security required both in the work of employees and giving them the appropriate powers according to the nature of the work of each employee and the cash drawer that is open only by making a sales invoice

Ninth: How strong is your computer, some programs need very modern and powerful devices to work efficiently while others are light programs and work on any device

tenth: Determine the budget available to you, through which you can determine the appropriate program and know the monthly fees provided for maintenance and technical support, unlike the programs that provide you with these services for free

Eleven: The importance of having the precaution and retrieving it at any time

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