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  1. IES Factory Account Management Program 11Apr
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    IES Factory Account Management Program

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    - Our mission is to turn imagination into reality through the industry (mobile applications, web design and development, enterprise management programs, and any creative ideas in the field of information technology). You can explain your idea in a simplified way through this form.

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  2. Ophthalmology Clinic Management Program 18Oct
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    Ophthalmology Clinic Management Program

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    If you are an ophthalmologist and want to manage your eye clinic in all ophthalmology specialties, then you need a program to record the statements and make prescriptions, in addition to recording surgeries and eyeglasses lists in addition to many special capabilities that you may search for, as it meets all the needs of the doctor, patient, and secretary Within ophthalmology clinics. The doctor grants a comprehensive management within the medical clinic, including accounts, stores, and employees, and booking examination dates and the most important reports that serve the medical clinic with all its departments. And adding patient data including eyesight, medical examination, and radiology to review the medical record of Patient at any time

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