Gas station management program - Gaz

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Gaz program is a program dedicated to managing gas stations that provides smart solutions and features to help you manage gasoline successfully and easily, while keeping track of all work details inside the gas station.


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Gas station management program - Gaz
Sku: Gas station management program - Gaz
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The advantages of the program (in points):

● A web program allowing it to be used and follow the workflow wherever you are.
● The program can be used by more than one user (for each user a different password & Username)
● It is allowed to add all station workers with the addition of their data and shift.
● Provides daily and monthly reports on (pumps - tanks - imports - expenses - profits -......)
● Adding Visa payment methods.
● Adding tanks and pumps, specifying the type of gasoline in each of them.
● Entering all items of expenses related to the station.
● Adding customer data and their balance at the station.
● Manage supply accounts and supplier data.
● The ability to download a copy of the station's database.
● The program enables you to create more than one account for the gas station.
● The possibility of determining the price per liter for each type of fuel.
● Delivering shifts, specifying the last reading for each pump.
● Daily, weekly and monthly revenues.

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Gas station management program - Gaz